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Your Yard, Your Tree

A Homeowner's Guide

28 02 13 - 02:29

Your yard - your tree, a homeowner's guide is available from the Hendricks County Soil and Water Conservation District. This 72 page book, written as a special project of Hoosier Heartland RC&D and its Backyard Trees Committee, is designed to answer many of the questions homeowners in Central Indiana have about selecting, planting and caring for trees around their homes and farmsteads.

It points out, in Chapter One, the benefits trees provide us on an everyday basis. Chapter Two provides background on how a tree grows or the life functions of trees so that we can better understand why various trees live and grow differently. The third chapter explains the importance of native trees, tree characteristics and how exotic (non-native) trees fit into the overall scheme of things. The next chapter (four) is all about tree identification and will help you and your neighbors know more about their trees.

Chapter Five is called “Right Tree – Right Place” and its purpose is to help people select trees that will do the job they expect and not become overbearing to the location, interfere with power lines and other common tree concerns. Chapter Six is all about planting and maintaining the selected trees or maintaining current yard and farmstead trees. Insects and diseases affect all plant life and trees are no different, so Chapter Seven provides basic information on both. Chapter Eight is about attracting, or as the case may be, discouraging wildlife to the yard or farmstead. Finally Chapter Nine is the book’s conclusion and summarizes how trees work for us.

The book has extensive Appendixes including a glossary of common forest, tree and plant terms, a listing of applicable web sites, an Indiana tree selection list, a list of tree species beneficial to wildlife, a plant hardiness map for Indiana and a list of alternative trees to ash, since the Emerald Ash Borer is on its way to central Indiana.

Give the SWCD a call at 745-2555 or stop by at 195 Meadow Dr. in Danville to learn how to get your copy.



Hendricks County Soil and Water Conservation District is an independent, legal subdivision of state government, funded by state, local, and private contributions. They are responsible for administering the natural resource programs within their county boundaries by:

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